the cuss am i?

by mediocreboywonder

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some old, some new, come through


released February 19, 2017



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mediocreboywonder Michigan

more like mediocreboyblunder amiright?

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Track Name: superflysuperfried
what side they crawlin on? their sleazy hands are scoping out i jot the number down and sweep across the sky i know that i don't rattle my bones that's why i need a rush to roll the time on. They don't ask why the mood? the singing fuzz. the soul so sweet but I don't know. what goes inside my head? well it goes in my head. undo my head then it flows through my head when I'm feeling left out. goes inside my head it goes from my head it goes like over my head and the ghost in my bed.
(If you got it I'll try it)
my sick sweet soul over my head said you should try to be instead
Track Name: stray
nothing scares the living shit out of me like you do?
Track Name: Debbie Downer
take pictures of your lovers cause the suns been down. you can spend the day under these covers. its in my head. i’ll mumble it. oh god she’s bleeding on my hands. a silhouette, a silhouette . long walks will put you in the green instead of this. i warned you about wasting. i still feel the afterglow but i’m coming down. i’m not complacent. i used to wake up in my room and see my siblings faces. happy birthday you’re invited--unfortunately without me. your voices are so lovely. its been a shady season, but you’re over it. take some if you insist. i’ve got places in my head with people i haven’t met yet.

but thanks for being so sweet when I turned 20.
Track Name: bare
please take my hands--they're no good to me. by now you thought i would be free. don't take it. i saw you back in the corner room where days rolled passed with walls covered black. oh how nice! simple and bare all of our lives! i'll leave my hands up.
Track Name: no reply
give in
slide by
say hi
no reply
blanket statements hanging up to dry
no reply