by mediocreboywonder

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released May 21, 2017



all rights reserved


mediocreboywonder Michigan

more like mediocreboyblunder amiright?

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Track Name: Spirit of Love
Spirit of love and she's fucking all our lives but I don't even mind at all. Say, you know, what's the matter with the time? the matter in my mind is slowly baking. Open your mouth and swallow these white lies cause we don't know what's right. we wanna sleep tonight? I know you do so give me what you got. the joke is down the block. fuck I'm shaking

It's alright. it's ok. I forgot what to say. Soul fades away into the sun. it can be so much fun. trades eyes for cheap tricks. Friendship for distance. He gave me 3 lies so I pay it forward 2 times.
Track Name: okiedokieartichokie
jeremy is out of control
he took a trip down a dead end road

and i don't mind

mary says i need to show more soul
i tied him up and now i'm fucking cold

and i don't mind
Track Name: She's a Thug
she likes sleeping around i bet. likes to keep it racy, like that could ever phase me. she likes to try and sketch the boys. out burns her hand with a cigarette. can't keep your eyes off of her body. just how she likes it. insane song-she's a thug, a fuckin drug. now my brains gone. take me off of the floor cause she puts me out with her cold hands. that's all she does. oh i'm in love
shes teaching body posi out to the world. kissing other girls, gives it all a whirl. energy forever flowing through the world. Says "you'll never know me but you'll get close, if you go out of your way and try and change this place step out in the sun, we'll become one"